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broken heart
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تاريخ التسجيل : 22/05/2008
العمر : 28

مُساهمةموضوع: احلي المسجاااااااااااااااااااااااااااات   الخميس يونيو 19, 2008 11:46 am

1-I LOVE two things you and flowers
Flowers for you and you for me
2- One kiss is not enough if I can have two
One hug is not enough if I can have two
One touch is not enough if I can have tow
But one love is enough if I love you ...
3- you took my heart with your smile
you took my mind with your kindness
you took my soul with your sweetness
most of all you took my money to send this msg.
4- the sky without stars...
like sleep without dreams...
like songs without music....
like rose without smell.....
like face without smile ...
like me without you
5- when it rains you don't see the sun ...
, but it's there . I hope we'll be like that
we don't see each other but we'll always , be there to help one other in need ...
6-I have only tow arms to hold you
two lips to kiss , 1 mind to think of you, but I hove 1,000,000reasons to love you
7-if the day comes when I die ,and go up
In the sky
As am there so far
I'll write ur name on every star
so u look up and see
how much u really mean 2 me
8-No word is as beautiful as friend and no friend is as beautiful as u
A friend is sweet when its new
It's sweeter when It's true
It's sweetest when its u
9-when u feel lonely

and need afriend
hold this rope>>>>>>>>>>>>
i will always be in the other end
10-can u do something 4 me
go to the window
look to the sky
can u see the stars

can u acount them
this is how much i miss u and even more
11-Q: What is the difference between a battery and a woman?
A: A battery has a positive side
12-sometimes when i'm alone i close my eyes and wish that u are here with meand i start cry..u know why?because i forget that u are in my heart and i'm not alone
13-sweet candies r easy 2 buy
sweet words r easy 2 say
but sweet persons like u r hard 2 find
14- everyone says u can fall in love once but that's not true because every time i hear ur voice i fall in love all over again
15- u can buy gifts but not love
u can pretend smile but not happiness
u can lie to other but not 2 urself
u can have friends but not as good as Me!!
16- can u do something for me go 2 the window look 2 thw sky can u see
the stars , can u count them , this how much i miss u and even more
17- when i saw u i was afraid to meet u
when i meet u i was afraid to love u
when i loved u i was afraid to lose u !!
18-LOVE..isn't how long u've been together not how much u've give or receive
not how many times u've helped each other....it's how much u VALUE
each other
19- if i die and go some where too far, i'll write ur name on every star
of the sky so u can look up and see how much u mean to me
20-ididn't eat the break fast coz i miss u , i didn't eat my lunch coz i miss u & i didn't eat my dinner coz i miss u too, i didn't sleep .....coz i'm so hungry
21-love is like war....
easy to start....
difficult to end....
impossible to forget...
so i'm having war with you
i hope that you don't peace faty
22-choose the correct answer u r........
a-my heart
b-my life
c-my spirit
the answer a+b+c ur the soul of my life
the beats of my heart
ur my spirit
23-Friends may not be seen every day together, but in eachs heart ... they stay forever
24-If you hold 11 flowers
and look to the mirror
you will see the most
beautiful 12 flowers in the word
25-Of all the friends i ever met,
your the one i wont forget,
and if i die before u do, i'll
go to heaven and wait for u.
26-U r amizing so cute
so nice so sweet
u r a great body,
sexy voice,cute smile
kissable lips warmest
touch,shing eyes..oops,sorry wrong number
27-when the time comes
4 u 2 give
your heart 2 someone
make sure that u
select someone who will
never break your heart
because broken hearts have
No Spareparts
28-its hard to tell your mind to stop loving someone when your
heart still does
29-When I was born half of my soul is given to someone else; i spend all of my lives looking for our other half.
30-Somewhere there's someone who dreams of your smile and finds in your presence that life is worth while so when you're lonely remember it's true somebody somewhere is thinking of you.
31-The hardest way to miss someone is when you are sitting right next to them, knowing that you can't have them.
32-A friend is someone who knows the song of your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.
33-The hardest thing to do is watch the one you love, love someone else.
34-Sometimes it hurts more to smile in front of everyone than to cry all alone
35-Funny how we feel so much but cannot say a word, we are screaming inside but we can't be heard.
36-Everyone says you can only fall in love once, but that’s not true, ‘cause every time I hear your voice I fall in love all over again.
37-If in my dreams is the only place I can hold you, I want to sleep forever!
38- Love isn’t when you can imagine spending your life with someone; it’s when you can’t imagine your life without that person!
39-When it hurts to look back, and you’re too scared to look ahead, look beside you and i will be there
40-i miss you so much
i can't leave you
i can't go anywhere without you
you are always with me
oh my shoes! i like you
41-A friend saw me hungry, he gave me food

He saw me thirsty, he gave me pepsi

He saw me in dark, he gave me light

He saw me wizout problems, he gave me you..

42- I am not sure what life could bring
I am not sure if dreams come true

I am not sure what love can do
I am very sure about one thing .............. I MISS U
43-the piano say
u can forget ... do
i can forget ... re
u can't forget
meeeeeeeeeeeee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

don't be angry
i will tell you what toz means:

t = take care of ur self
o = of course i love u
z = zero my life without u

so ... a big toz to you...
45-when it rains
you don't see the sun
but it's there.
hope we can be like that
we don't see each other
but we'll always be
there for each other...
the moon looks like u !!!
the stars are shining 4 u !!!
the birds are singing 4 u !!!
my heart says:
i miss u
47-( I MISS U )
more than my eyes could ever see..
more than my hand could ever touch ..
and more than my lips could ever say
( I MISS U )
48-when aboy says
( I LOVE U )
this mean :
L = lesa badre 3ala elgwaz..
O = oh / i have no money
v = villa ! no way
e = enty 3abita to believe me !!!!!!!
49-brain to think of you.
heart to trust in you.
eyes to look at you.
hands to touch you.
mouse to say i miss you.
foot to kick you if u don't miss me.
50-if i had one single wish i'd to be ur tears to be born in ur eyes,live on your cheeks
die on your lips.but if u were my tears i'd never cry coz i fear of losing you.
51-when u fell lonly ur life empty! the world is so dark no one beside u! i will be under ur window on white horse saying



(أنـت مـاض و في يديك فــؤادي...........رد قـلـبـي و حـيـث مـا شـئــت فامـضِ )
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